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Desoto, TX Help Wanted

  • Pool Cleaner
    Pool type: In ground. Pool surface material: Concrete. Pool dimensions: Enter pool dimensions here (20x10x8). Pool water type: Chlorine. Pool draining required...
    Location: Near Desoto, Texas
    Gunnar L. - Desoto Swimming Pool Cleaning
  • Swimming Instructor
    Yes, my gym has a pool. Student comfortable in water:. Become comfortable in water, Learn basic strokes. Swimming skill level:....
    Location: Near Desoto, Texas
    Sharon M. - Desoto Swimming Lessons
  • Steam Cleaner
    Rooms needing steam cleaning:. Living room, Bedroom(s), Other (den). Yes, building will be occupied. Things needing steam cleaning:....
    Location: Near Desoto, Texas
    Jacquelyn S. - Desoto Steam Cleaning
  • Hip-Hop Dance Instructor
    Student age: 26-55. Hip-hop style: Other (Funk). Reason for classes: Preparing for a wedding or event. Level of experience: Intermediate. Lesson type: Group
    Location: Near Desoto, Texas
    Yolande Q. - Desoto Hip Hop Dance Lessons
  • Guitar Teacher
    Student age: 55+. Guitar type: Acoustic, Electric. Level of experience: No experience. Can read the following musical notation:: Can't read music. Interested
    Location: Near Desoto, Texas
    Roger L. - Desoto Guitar Lessons
  • Dog Trainer
    Dog training type: Puppy Training, Obedience. Dog behaviors: Housebreaking issues. Dog age(s): Puppy - 6-12 months. Dog size(s): Small (1-15 lbs). Number of...
    Location: Near Desoto, Texas
    TJ W. - Desoto Dog Training
  • Voice Instructor
    Student age: 18-25. Experience: Performance experience (e.g. choir, theater). Learning goals: Improve tone, Prepare for performance. Interested in following
    Location: Near Desoto, Texas
    Tuesday S. - Desoto Singing Lessons
  • Makeup Artistry Instructor
    Area(s) of interest: Fashion makeup, Bridal makeup. Experience: Beginner. Frequency of lessons: I'm not sure. Lesson length: 60 minutes. Day preference(s):
    Location: Near Desoto, Texas
    Sonja W. - Desoto Makeup Artistry Lessons
  • CPR Trainer
    CPR certification organization:. CPR class size:. General CPR training for non-healthcare professionals, As recommended by professional....
    Location: Near Desoto, Texas
    Sue H. - Desoto CPR Training
  • CPR Trainer
    CPR certification organization:. CPR class size:. Basic Life Support (BLS) for healthcare professionals....
    Location: Near Desoto, Texas
    Kamri M. - Desoto CPR Training
  • Handyman
    Service type: Repairs: No, Installation: Yes, Maintenance: No, Assembly: No, Other: Back door hung with lock set. Project description: Back door hung with...
    Location: Near Desoto, Texas
    Raylene V. - Desoto Handyman
  • Face Painter
    Number of guests needing face painting:. Age of guests:. Yes - enter theme (batman). Face painting event theme:....
    Location: Near Desoto, Texas
    Arielle C. - Desoto Face Painting
  • Furniture Refinisher
    Furniture type: Table, Seating (chair, sofa, etc.). Wood / finish type: Oak, Maple. Reupholstery required?: No...
    Location: Near Desoto, Texas
    Gordon M. - Desoto Furniture Refinishing
  • Fence Installer
    Project scope: Install a new fence. Fence purpose: Other (fence s falling). Fence material: Wood. Fence height: 5 feet. Fence length: I'm not sure. Fence gates...
    Location: Near Desoto, Texas
    Janeth V. - Desoto Fence Installation
  • Handyman
    Service type: Repairs: No, Installation: Yes, Maintenance: No, Assembly: No, Other: Re-configuration of a pantry to fit an oven.. Project description: I need...
    Location: Near Desoto, Texas
    RM B. - Desoto Handyman
  • Home Remodeler
    I'm not sure - need contractor to help identify. Cabinets and counters, Electrical and lighting, Plumbing, Heating and cooling....
    Location: Near Desoto, Texas
    Erica G. - Desoto Home Remodeling
    Formal training and certification as an HVAC tech will help you stand out to potential employers. We have the vocational training you need to present yourself...
    Location: Near Desoto, Texas
  • Mover
    I am sure there is but my cousin is the one that would have to tell me. 3-4 bedroom house....
    Location: Near Desoto, Texas
    Ms V. - Desoto Local Moving (under 50 miles)

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